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Totemic pareidolia - Phase I

Cognitive aspect


With the premise that our visual interpretations are preceded by personal cognitive stimuli, comforting because known, and that totemism refers to similar notions, including protection in the recognition of familiar and spiritual evocative elements.

Immersed in a universe of perceptions and intuitions and through a constant search for meanings, the evocative elements are altered repeatedly while considering more universal references such as faces or astral figures.


Pictorial aspect


Forms and colors of the work in perpetual development amalgamate sequences both in its physical continuity and in its pictorial juxtapositions. The last sequence influencing the next one.


The atomization of the universes or atomic universe, the living in known and unknown shapes, in osmosis or in confrontation, form an infinite world of interpretations that generates a communication between the work and the viewer.


You will find your own totems in there.




Psychological phenomenon associating an ambiguous visual stimulus (or sounds) with an identifiable element, often perceived as a human or animal form.




Symbolic beliefs and practices implying a spiritual relation between a person, and an animal, an another living , a phenomena or an object.

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