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Patrick Larochelle

Artistic approach


My work is based on the perception and interpretation of complex pictorial compositions. Without sketch or predefined subject, the image in progress influences and redirects my movements, thus revealing other subjects during the process. Once perceived, I consciously move away from the revealed figurative elements, ignore them, juxtapose them and swallow them in other emerging signifiers. The different cognitive links intersect and amalgamate with the already perceived.


The juxtaposition of these indefinable references challenges and leads to get involved, see to find a solution or a purpose. The density of the work suggests a possible answer, while the incomplete forms and references never or almost never reveal a concrete and clear solution. Only personal anticipation survives in a doubt of meanings that we never stop revisiting.



Artist biography


I had a constant artistic practice in painting for many years.


Art director in advertising, design and new media since the end of my studies in arts and visual communication in 1995, my personal practice in painting has always been a passion.


In 2013, after returning from 5 years of work experience in Saudi Arabia, I focus on a large-scale painting project, a work in several distinct but connected segments, continuing on thousand of canvases (or one kilometre), one of which a hundred have already been finalized (totemic pareidolia PHASE I).


Originally from Rimouski, in eastern Quebec, I live now in Montreal where I practice my art.

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